EFT and tapping

EFT.  This stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and the fact that you are reading this post means you either know something already or you are keen to find out what it is.  This is a treatment that involves tapping parts of your body to improve your “energy psychology”. It is based on similar principals to acupuncture and acupressure that have been used for around five thousand years.  For the purpose of this article, I will only look at the basic form of tapping (EFT) that is becoming more popular of late. I say this because there are a lot of pressure points on the body used in these practices (372 that I have seen).  Below is a picture showing the main tapping points.

There are many experts out there, here are some of the best known. Pamela Bruner, Jessica and Nick Ortner, Brad Yates and the one I know the most about, Margaret Lynch.  These all have videos on YouTube that go through the methods and the tapping techniques that should help in areas like health, fitness and wealth.  Here is an example,

This tapping relies on the energy flow in the body.  This energy has been called many things including the most famous “chi”.  The belief is that if you can increase the flow of chi in your body you will be able to have more energy, power and vitality and you can overcome almost anything. So you can achieve everything you want in life by doing this? Some people believe this to be the case so, yes.  The belief is that this flow can get blocked and these blockages stop us from achieving our goals, cause us to feel negative emotions and even make us ill.  To remove these blockages you need to stimulate the chi energy in the right places.  But where?  This flow has some key points where it is strongest, these are the pressure points and can be stimulated by pressure, acupuncture and tapping.  Hopefully, the video above has given you a taste of what this is all about and you can find many videos by all the people I mentioned above so give them a try.



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