Advent starts this weekend and marks the fourth Sunday before Christmas.  It is the day when Christians light the first of four candles on an advent crown.  This post is not the same as the one I wrote last year at this time.  That one was all about finding your guiding light.  That post was about the way many religions at this time of year light candles to beat the darkness and guide them to the future. In that post, I ask you to find your guiding lights and follow them to your dreams.

So what is Advent?

Let’s start by looking at the definition of the word.  It comes from the Latin word Adventus which means “coming”. The definition most people know is that it is

“the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, observed in commemoration of the coming of Christ into the world.” 


“a coming into place, view, or being; arrival”

This post is about the second one.  Most Christians see Advent as a time of preparation, as an “advent” of change towards being worthy of receiving Christ at Christmas.  Are you ready to receive your dreams?  Are you worthy or receiving them?  Are you prepared to receive them?  I’m going to look at each of these in turn.

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Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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