Pokemon (Good or Bad?)


Pokemon, good or bad?  So just for those of you that haven’t heard about this Pokemon GO has become a major phenomenon.  I even heard that it was more popular than Facebook.

What is Pokemon?

For those of you that don’t know Pokemon was created in 1995 by a man called Satoshi Tajiri and is about a world of creatures called Pokemon that are captured and trained by people called Pokemon trainers who use them to battle each other.  It has been now used for games, trading cards, films and now a popular app for iPhones and Android.  Pokemon GO is the app that has taken the world by storm.  This uses augmented reality (it adds objects to the world you see through your camera viewfinder) to help people hunt and then capture Pokemon.


Pokemon Go has been downloaded by over 50 million people so far and can hear people talking and texting about it often.  People want to be Pokemon trainers and complete in one of three teams where they can battle their Pokemon to see who is the best.  All they have to do is travel around in the real world using their device to “hunt” for Pokemon in the world around us.  Sounds great….hmmm.


Good things about Pokemon

It allows you to meet people in your local area – to hunt together and compete and to compare Pokemon you find. There are lots of apps and games out there, most of them can be played alone.  Humans are social animals and it is good to talk to others and share ideas and worries.

It gets you outside – in searching for Pokemon you need to go outside in to the real world and travel far ans wide to find the creatures for your collection.

You will be seen as cool – humans enjoy belonging to groups that care for each other.

This app is good for business – some stores and business are using “lures” to attract Pokemon to their stores and then give special offers to trainers in the area.

Bad things

Obsession – this app can take over your life.  You may find yourself using all your time searching for new creatures to collect.

Desperation – you may become willing to go anywhere or do anything to get new Pokemon.  There are stories about this in the news, people going in to other people’s properties and gardens to “hunt” and capture.  This includes places of worship and businesses trying to make money to survive.

Danger – this is like the top two. when there is a Pokemon in the area a marker turns up on the screen and you can follow it to their location.  One issue is that the location can be anywhere including the middle of roads, train tracks, airport runways, construction sites, river, lakes or even is one case areas with landmines.  This has caused accidents and situations where these people need to be rescued.


Any game or app like this can be great for a break in trying to achieve your dreams and live a better life.  Don’t let them become your life.  You can use it to gain friends and contacts but use these meetings to get to know each other, make friends and share knowledge. Enjoy the games/apps but be mindful of where and when you use them.  Be safe.



Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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