New Life

Aww cute huh, but what has this to do with new life?  Well, we are now entering in to the season of spring where we see lots of new life all around us, new lambs are being born, blossom and leaves are appearing on trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  Eggs are seen as a symbol of new life and have been seen as such for thousands of years, going back to Assyrian (25th Century BC) and Babylonian (18th Century BC) times.  We still see them used today.  The shops are full of them as they are now used by Christians as a symbol for Easter – as well as lambs, chicks and the rabbit you see above.

New Life

To look at this I will look at three versions:

  • Being born – obvious version
  • Resurrection – dying and then being reborn
  • Waking up – seeming dead but then showing new life.

Being born

Of course this is the obvious definition of new life.  Seeds germinating in to plants, eggs hatching and babies being born.  This is the same for us, we are born in to this world and have no idea of what to expect, we are raised through childhood and taught what the world is like. When we are children we have big dreams about what the world is like and what we are going to do when we grow up.  Our imagination takes us to magical places and has us doing incredible, even impossible, things.  For some people this is encouraged and the child grows up to have an amazing life, for others life is different.  They are encouraged to “get real” and told that “this is real life” and to get their “head out of the clouds” because life is hard and they’d better get used to it.  There are lots of people where, sadly, this is the case and if they stay where they are and continue to do what they are doing, nothing will change.

Are we all doomed to be born, struggle through our lives and then die?


Resurrection is when things are brought back from the dead. At this time of year Christians all around the world celebrate Easter.  Easter is a celebration to represent the resurrection of Jesus.  It is not the only resurrection in the Bible (there are 9 that I know of) but it has the most significance.  It is written that Jesus died to atone for all of our sins and that his resurrection gives us the promise of new life, both in this world and the next.

Just think about that last sentence for a while “…the promise of new life, both in this world and the next.”  This is not just about dying, it is also about starting a new life while you are still alive.  People “die” on stage all the time and are then reborn when they appear again.

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be” – John Wooden

There are times when we think that our life is over and we hear sayings life, “just kill me now” and “stick a fork in me I’m done” and we feel life we die inside because we failed.  We are burned out and are nothing but ashes, but this is when we need to rise like a phoenix from those ashes and live again, stronger and more powerful than before.  Here is a great talk by Ekatarina Walter to show you what I mean.

Resurrection is about rising from the dead.  In this case you are not rising from the dead as a zombie ( still dead but walking through the world without a thought of it’s own, without dreams, hopes or love) but becoming alive from a zombie to human again.

Waking up

This is very like the zombie analogy, but this time you are not dead but dormant.  A volcano can be either active, dormant or extinct. What type of volcano are you? Think about it; is your life over ( or can you be resurrected),  are you active and living your life ( chasing your dreams) or are you merely sleeping waiting for something to happen before you react?  There are lots of things that we want to do but don’t do anything about.  We decide that we can “do them later” or “wait for the right time”.  We may even decide that “if it’s meant to be It’ll happen” or we are “waiting for a sign” before taking action.  This is like lying in bed asleep waiting for the alarm to go off when you haven’t set it! You can’t see time ticking away and you can’t see any signs around you because you have your eyes closed!

The wake up call for a lot of people is drastic, a loss of a job or loved one, an accident or even a near death experience.  You may have even been dead for a while and “resurrected” by the doctors in hospital.  Sometimes you are just told bad news.  This kind of thing can lead us to decide to live our lives now because “you never know what is around the corner”.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” – Ghandi

What if today was your last day, would you be doing what you are doing or something else?  Would you be sleeping waiting for something to happen or would you be waking up now and doing something?

The time is now.  This is the start of your new life, you can be born again.  Like springtime you can start to show new life from nothing, you can shine and bloom and “come out of your shell” to show the world who you are and what you are made of.  After all, this is your life, so live before you die.

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