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Gratitude could be the key to your brighter future.  Do you find yourself looking for how to improve your life?  If you do, you will probably find that once you start looking for things that need to improve , you will find more and more.  According to The Law of Attraction this is exactly what is expected to happen, whatever you think about the most is what you will attract in to your life in the future.  So if you start to see something wrong in a few things, you will start to see what is wrong with a lot of things in the future.  This can lead to;

negativity – everything is going wrong

depression – nothing ever goes right

jealousy – everybody has better things

anger – why do they deserve these things and I don’t, it’s not fair

and maybe even guilt – I should be able to provide these things, I must be doing something wrong.


“Always appreciate what you have, there is always someone out there that wishes they had what you have.”

Interesting thought isn’t it.  While you are looking at a new better car to get you around there are people out there who don’t even have shoes.  While you are looking at going on a holiday abroad in a couple of months time there are those who hope to be alive in a couple of months time.

There was a time that you dreamed about getting the things you have now.  You have a place to live, clothes to wear, skills/knowledge that you can use and food to eat.  Sounds pretty good huh?

So what can gratitude do?

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think of the most will attract more of the same.  If you think you are having a great life you will get more.

Being grateful will make you;

happy – you have what you want

contented – you don’t constantly search for what you “need” because you already have it

relaxed – you are no longer scrimping and saving and working yourself half to death to get what you “need” you can now relax and enjoy life instead.

forgiving – you are able to accept the situation and forgive others and yourself and move on.

learn from failures and achieve more.

So what about things that have gone?

If something has had an effect on your life, good or bad there is now way you can change it now.  If it was a good effect,, for example a loved one or an awesome job they have made your life better and you should be grateful for it.  If it was bad, for example you lost a job, failed to do something, got injured be grateful as they either made you think differently and achieve better results or they may have saved you from something worse in the future.

Gratitude= great+attitude

So what do you want to be? Happy, or frustrated, jealous and miserable?  Your choice.



Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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