Sacrifice to Succeed

“True Success requires Sacrifice” – Ray Riordan

True, you need to sacrifice to succeed.  You want to change your life for the better and achieve your dreams? You have probably found that you have no time to do anything that needs to be done because you are too busy.  The problem we have here is that you cannot possibly have your old life AND your new life together, so what are you going to do.  Your going to have to sacrifice some things to make some space.  So now you need to decide what to sacrifice first.

sacrifice for success

What do you do that gets you nowhere?  There are lots of things we do that we do for pleasure that we overindulge in.  Rest, games, TV, films, food, spending and so on.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when you need to do these things, just check out my previous post.    You NEED to make sacrifice to succeed so start by setting limits on the things that you overindulge in or even give them up altogether.

This reminds me of this time of year in the Christian calendar, called Lent.  This is a period of 40 days that leads up to the Easter celebration.  A time of sacrifice that leads to a time of celebration.  This is a time when Christians all over the world look at their lives and choose to do something good, they either give up something or they do something good for someone else every day.


First you have to visualise your goal

Where do you want to be?  When do you want to achieve your goals?  What do you need to do to get there?  To do this there are a couple of tools that I have found useful and have probably mentioned before.  Once you have decided what you want you can set your objective using SMART.

Make your objective(s)

S = Specific – be sure of what you want and write it down in the shortest way possible, be very clear and free from any ambiguity.

M=Measurable – how will you know you have achieved your goal? What will you have/have done when you have got what you are aiming for?

A = Achievable – make sure you CAN achieve your goal, if you can’t do it yet, what will need to happen first?  This is the stage when you can actually think of your goal in practical terms, here is where you will actually work out what needs to be done and how you are going to achieve it.

R = Relevant – if this SMART setting is for an objective that you need to reach on the way to your final dreams, is this relevant to your final destination?  Think about it, is there any other way of achieving your goal without this step?

T= Time – how long will it take you to achieve your goal? This will focus your thoughts and may even motivate you as the time goes by to get things done.  They can’t be left until tomorrow they need to be done now.

If you are unable to think of steps you need to take to reach your goal you could complete a SWOT analysis to work out where you are now and what to do next.  Look at where you are now and then write down

S=Strengths – what are you good at now, and what have you done so far or you would find easy to get done?

W=Weaknesses – what will you find difficult or need help with?

O=Opportunities – do you have any additional resources you could use?

T=Threats – what may stop you in your quest?


When you are struggling to complete a task or even make a change in your life that makes you feel uncomfortable, temptation is your biggest enemy.  You may find that you are easily distracted or really want to give up and return to what you were doing before.  DON’T.  It is true that you will derive some satisfaction from giving in and being distracted but this is like eating sweets, great in the short term but really bad in the long term.  Worse still, once you have succumbed once it is easier to so it again…and again…and again.   If you stick to your changes then the satisfaction you gain for completing your task will be much better and last a lot longer. I read that if you can change your habits for 21 days that new habits start to form and you find it much easier to stick to your goals. So try it.



Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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