Good to be back

good to be back

It is good to be back, I’ve had a few issues over the last few weeks but now I am back.  I love this image above as it says a lot about being happy and successful, especially if you have seen the films.  It is a story about someone who is really successful in his time and disappears then comes back years later.  Times have changed dramatically while he was gone but his attitude and approach are great.  His name is Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (played by Mike Myers)  So why should we follow his example?

He is always himself

He wears his favourite clothes, even though they are nothing like clothes others are wearing.  They were cool when he left but now they are old fashioned and don’t fit in.  Things DO change when you stop doing something for a while.  If you are into internet marketing and use SEO in your blogs you will have found out that Google has changed to way it’s search engine works with its new “Panda” update.  Sure you will have to adapt to fit in, but only a little ,Austin Powers had to change the way he cleaned his teeth.  This way a change that was barely noticeable to his overall look.  Change your SEO but you still need to “dress” your site in a way that reflects YOUR style.

He isn’t afraid of being himself

If you are to be happy in this life you may feel that you have to change to suit others.  We mostly do this when we are trying to impress new people, especially prospective partners.  We project an image of someone fitter, stronger, richer, more successful or even richer than we are.  Initially this may work and could be used for the short term but long term there will be trouble.  You will either get found out as people assume you are able to do something and you can’t (like strength or fitness competitions) or can’t for long (like being able to afford things).  The latter one is especially true on dating sites or dating apps.  On line you can sound great, even look great in photos.  You can develop relationships and even work on some of the things you are not really great at.  Eventually you have to meet “in real life”.  This sounds like an awful lot of time and effort that could be potentially wasted.  Austin Powers is just himself the whole time, sure he has many people who don’t like what he is doing but there are others out there who think he is great and he connects with them and is successful and happy doing it.

He is confident

He is confident and even acts confident when he isn’t (sometimes this is enough to get you through – at least until you’ve got your nerve and confidence back)  This also allows him to take a leap and give things a try that he thinks he should do.  You’ve got to move towards your goals and take risks to get there.  Sure you will often be working outside your comfort zone but this is where all the fun things happen, so do it.

comfort zone

If you lost your motivation over the new year to move on with your goals and feel that you will start again “soon”.  Have the confidence to make “soon” today and make a small step, even if it is just to revisit your goals and assess how far along your path, do it.  Just this small step will put your dreams and goals back in your mindset and give you confidence about what you need to so next.  I could have given up recently when my investments weren’t working as they should, my internet went down and my computer had to be completely rewritten taking away my computer memory and all my access to websites and passwords.  Now I have managed to recover and it’s good to be back.



Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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