New You in 2016


A New You in 2016. Firstly welcome to 2016!  For a lot of people it is a new year, January 1st is a jump start for a lot of people saying  “It’s a new year, time for a new you.”  It isn’t a new year for others, some (religions/ countries) use other calendars and have either already celebrated new year or are waiting for the old one to end.  My point is that YOUR new year and time for YOUR new you can be any day you want.  Practitioners of Reiki see EVERY day as an opportunity for a new beginning.


Why am I saying this?

I am saying this because when it comes to new year’s day many of us choose to make new year’s resolutions, and by now many of us have failed to keep them.  This is a relief to some and a chance to give up and say better luck next year.  Your “new year” can start any day at any time, so why not today and if you fail, start again the day after.

So what does your new year look like?

Is it a year for getting

  • thinner
  • fitter
  • richer
  • happier
  • more relaxed?

It’s time for you to plan

For a new you in 2016 you need a plan. First you need to assess your current situation – is this the first time that you have tried to change your life for the better?  If it is then it is no different to if you are already following a plan.  Pick your primary goal, if you only have one area of your life you wish to change great, if you have more than one you need to decide what you want to happen first.

“the man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” – Confuscious

If you believe in a higher power, the law of attraction or science, the answer is the same.  You need to focus on what you want and be sure about it.  People don’t pray for “something” because they would have difficulty knowing whether their prayers had been answered.  The law of attraction works to attract what you want the most.  Science has proved that if you have a specific aim and continually remind yourself of it and take action persistantly that it’s likelihood of happening increases dramatically.  If your paths go in different directions you can’t be in two places at once so don’t try.


Check out my post on losing weight and superfoods. This is the time of year that all the diet books and exercise DVDs turn up.  It is also the time when you feel determined to do something but change can be hard and a lot of us have had a time of relaxation.  We’ve all seen before and after pictures and look for a quick fix and are drawn to the flashy headlines of “immediate results” and “lose weight in 4 weeks” and think great, I’ll do it.  One of the most popular on line is The Venus Factor, it gets great results ( according to the reviews I read).  I have managed to lose weight in the past and tried a few diets, some worked better than others.  The ones that worked the best for me were the ones that attacked the problem from different angles, mainly eating, exercise and mental (changing my attitude to the task and myself).  One such method is The Three Week Diet, but don’t let the title fool you.  Yes, you can lose some weight within three weeks but you must remember the following things,

  • this will happen slowly so be patient
  • this will take work so make it count
  • this will start off hard but after the three weeks some things will become habit and therefore a lot easier so persevere
  • this is a choice for life,  learn the lessons and keep it up.

This is about balance, the best balance for you.  The best way to describe this is with water, you mix hot and cold water to acheive what you consider the “ideal” temperature.  Others may find this too hot or too cold.  In the body’s case this quite often means acheiving the right blood sugar/ fat/water/vitamin levels for you (like with the water you don’t want too much or too little of either hot or cold)

The easiest next step is to remove any foods that are bad for you out of easy reach ( get them out of the house – you can eat them but you could also donate them to food banks) throw out your takeaway menus and even remove them from your “favourites” section of your on line shopping order – if you do that.

Find a plan you feel you can get started with – even if you start very slowly – and start.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t work, just find a different one that does.


You could start by checking out my exercises post that doesn’t use equipment to start you off.  If you find these too hard here is a pinterest post I have shared, (don’t get put off by the title).   If you are looking for the hardest but most effective exercises to burn calories check out this post.  Just make sure you pick one you can stick to, sure you can start with a hard one but don’t give up until you hit a goal (set this yourself) and then change to something easier.


Maybe you feel that a new you in 2016 is richer.  Ok.  Like with the two above you need to be careful and choose a way that suits you.  There are many ways of making money online.  Check out my posts about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO and traffic. There are other ways of making money too, you can complete surveys on line, you can try investments, stock markets/binary trading, starting a new business getting a promotion or a better job or even getting a second or third one.  Be wary of expecting overnight success.  True there are ways of making money without spending a penny, there are also ways of working that COULD yield massive profits but they are risky and could leave you bankrupt if you are not careful.  I tried a few of them and I tried them for a decent amount of time ( up to 6 months each), they didn’t work for me and I got out.  ( I was lucky that some bits did work and I didn’t lose a lot of money)  I did learn a lot in the process though and I have passed on some of this knowledge on this site.  The avenue I am trying at the moment is through advertising, not affiliate marketing but clicking on adverts and getting paid to do so.  It takes some investment and a lot of time – if like me you don’t have much to spend – but it can produce results and I have earned over 200% profit so far and is now earning its own future investment to build the business over time.  Check it out here. If you like it I can tell you the cheapest way I know to get it going for only 5 to 10 minutes easy work a day.

Happier and more relaxed

You normally want a change in your life if you are not happy with the one you have at the moment, am I right? Well that pretty much sums up the rest of my site.  You may choose to start by checking out my recent post featuring Tony Robbins or check out why – if you have been on a plan to improve your life – that taking a break and starting again can actully be a good thing.  The hardest part for most sounds like the simplest thing to others.  That is working out who you really are.  The key to being happy is to do what you love doing and live your life.

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death” – Osho

If there is life after death and you can have anything that you want, what happens if you don’t know what you want? and If you know what you really want, why aren’t you doing it now?  If there isn’t life after death, what are you doing wasting all the time you have left stressed and unhappy?  There are many theories about time but they all agree that the only “real time” (time where we have control) we have is right now, we can’t change what has already happened and we can’t predict the future.

“Yesterday is history, tommorow is a mystery, but today is a gift.  That’s why they call is the present” – Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)


Decide what you want to aim for, set yourself some goals (make a plan – preferably with lots of easy steps) and find the best way for YOU to get there.



Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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