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Overnight success, the dream but is it possible?  Yes and no. I’m sure you’ve read all those adverts on line and in other advertising that if you just follow some simple steps you will be rich almost overnight. Just watch some training and you can be making money every hour or making money while you sleep.   


  •  you can make money with a lot of the schemes
  • you can follow the simple steps and be on your way to making an income on line
  • these things have worked for others
  • you may be making money in days if not hours


  • You can make money but it may cost a lot of money to get going
  • You may have to pay for the course of “simple steps” before you can start and the course may take some time to complete.  You also can’t just read the steps and expect them to work. You need to actually follow the steps.
  • There are lots of stories of those who went from nothing to rich, but they seem to miss out some of the things that happened along the way.  These you need to work/find out for yourself.
  • The money you make quickly may be a very small amount.  For example you can make money viewing adverts every day.  There are people out there earning $1000 per day, however they probably started at the bottom earning $0.001 per advert.


“There are no quick wins in business – it takes years to become an overnight success.” – Richard Branson

Don’t lose heart.  You can succeed in life in business and in all other areas of your life.  There are also ways that you can speed up the process.

Losing weight – you can change your eating habits, you can also have surgery (like liposuction)

Looking better – you can exercise and look after your body, you could have cosmetic surgery

Making money – you could change how you work and work smarter, or you could win the lottery or take out loans.

Often you will find out that the people who cheat are only happy for short period of time before they need to repeat the process again or want something more.  You may have had a similar experience with a diet in the past, you started out thinking that you could give something a try and see how it goes.  You then find out that it works and you lose some weight, YAY! Then you stop because you have reached your target weight.  Then what happens?  You go back to your life as it was and you gain the weight back.  You need to keep going.


It takes investment to be a success.  I was told a story about investment, it goes something like this.  If you found a vending machine and put some money into it and it gave you nothing what would you do?  Probably shout at it, hit it or just move on. This scenario reminds me of those people that keep buying information books that all give the same advice.  You feel that you know all that they are telling you and wonder why you aren’t rich, thin, happy, successful yet.  They just don’t work without you doing something about it.  So stop wasting money and move on.

If it started working then stopped you may think slightly differently you may even be tempted to put more money in to see if you could get it to work next time.  This time I am reminded about fad diets and investment opportunities that don’t yield much.  There are many of us who waste time and effort on things that seem to work for a while but they are not right for us.  We try them, find them too hard and stop but for some reason we are willing to try again.

What if you put a pound in and got £1.20 out for just pressing a few buttons? Would you try again? Most would say yes.  If you put just the pound in each time you would gain a pound for every five tries. Great but what if you invested more and it still worked.  You could make £20 for every £100 GREAT! A lot of schemes work like this. If you have a lot of money to invest you can make a large profit quickly.  However you can get going for a small investment eg the original pound.  If you are patient and invest all of the money each time you can start earning money straight away, just don’t give up your day job yet.  If you make it a long term investment and give time to push the buttons consistently you could eventually be earning hundreds if not thousands of pounds a time.


Success can take time and will require investment from you, even if it is just your time.  However you need to be patient and consistent to acheive your goals.  Write down your goals, make a plan,  take action on the steps and good luck.





Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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