Secrets of success?

I watched a cool video a while ago by a man called Richard St John called the 8 secrets of success.  I think I may have shared some of these secrets before but Ill let you check out Richard’s version.





Here is the link to his 3 minute video on YouTube.

Watch the video, below is my version of the steps.  I wrote this before I found the video after seeing the picture above, I thought it was awesome.

Did you ever do any science at school?  I’m sure you did.  The teachers drum in to you that in order to see if any hypothesis is true or false you need to design a test.  This test needs to be fair.  You set up 2 tests that are identical except for one thing that will test your theory.

What I want you to do is design a test in your life that will test whether your actions to improve your life are working.

The best way is to pick one of the “ways to be great” and do something about it.  Here is a quick recap of what they are.

1.Passion – discover what you are passionate about. Spend some time thinking about how great it makes you feel and write it down.  Picture yourself folllowing your passion and enjoy it.  What can you do to improve your life with your passion?

2.Work- you will need to be willing to work towards your better life.  Accept it and decide what needs to be done.  Write a list and get started.

3.Focus – it’s all too easy to push these dreams to one side.  You need to focus on your goals to make them happen.  You might want to select a photo of something from your dreams and put it somewhere you will see it everyday  and set aside a small amount of time to do something positive.

4.Push – push yourself to make a change.  You could even get other people to help with this. Get them involved. Tell them your dreams and ask them to help you if you stop.

5. Ideas – if you take time to relax you will probably get good ideas at random times during the day. You need to write these down, even if you just make a note on a phone for later.  Take a look at these ideas and they will help you along your way.

6.Improve – If you practise something often you will improve.  Decide to do something that scares you every day and they will no longer scare you.  If you need to stand in front of people to reach your goal and this scares you, you need to practice.  Practice presenting to yourself, to family, to friends and then work on bigger crowds.  You will probably get scared every time but you will be willing to get out there and start your presentation and you will feel great about your acheivement when you are done.

7. Serve – if you are asking people for help/money/advice you will need to serve them.  They will expect something in return from helping you out.  Even if they don’t, give them something back anyway.  Even if this something is a favour at a later date or just some of your time/advice later do it.  They will remember it and be more willing to help you in the future and may even recommend you to others.

8 Persist – don’t stop untill you reach a goal/target.  You can set yourself tiny targets everyday.  I always write lists and when I cross off things on the list I feel a sense of acheivement.  Your should have a list that leads you to your goal. How many things can you cross off today?

So there we are.  Choose what you are going to do and write it down.  Decide how you can tell if it works or not.  ( Does it suceed in getting you closer to your goal?  Did you feel better/ more alive for doing it?) If it works you are a winner.  You are successful.  Now continue to be successful and live your life the way it should be lived.



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Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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