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So what is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is one of the top ways of getting vistors (traffic) to your website.  There is no point spending hours setting up affiliate links and ads and graphics on your site and lead pages if nobody sees them!  The best SEO gets you ranked high in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and gets you seen before others.  If you search for something on these sites you tend to look at the people at the top of the search list right?  You don’t go to say page 5 or 7 or 99 first, so what good is it if you are ranked there?

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You have probably heard of advertising to get your site seen by traffic.  You pay for banners to be put at the top of the pages or pay for PPC (pay per click) ads to put you on the sides.  SEO can put you right in the centre where most browsers look (in this world of information overload we skim pages and .we can easily ignore all the ads to focus on what we are looking for).  There are many SEO companies out there like Netmark and Boostability in the US or Cartoozo, Traffic Source UK Ltd or Netmark again in the UK.  These guys do a great job at boosting SEO and they charge to do it.

There are things that you can do yourself for FREE that will also help.  These are the best SEO tips I have if you are looking to boost your site with free SEO methods.  These are not in any rank order.



1. Register with the search engines – How can the search engines find you and rank your site if they don’t know you exist?  If you go to them you can register your site with them and they will check your site for content and use this to rank your site.    The top 2 are Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools and they even give you statistics on how well your site is doing and will tell you if they find any errors on your site.  If your site is hacked and you get blocked they can also recheck your site and unblock it when you have solved the problem.  So how do you do it? They are all similar so I’ll tell you about Google.

i- log in to Google Webmaster Tools ( if you already have a gmail account you can use this to log in.  If you have a Microsoft account you can start with Bing Webmaster tools the same way).

ii – type in your website.

iii – verify your site.  They will normally give you 3 options on how to do this. xml, meta tag or CNAME.  CNAME and xml can be done by your web or domain host but I find meta tags far simpler. You just copy the meta tag given and paste it into the correct part of your site – normally in the header section.  If you have a weebly site go to settings then SEO, if you have WordPress I find All In One SEO an excellent plugin and you can paste it here. Then press verify. Done.



2. Make sure your site isn’t confusing.  What is your site about?  It needs to have a main topic that the search engines can pick up and use to display your site in those searches.  Why is your site even there?


3.Keywords.  What are keywords? These are the words that you type in to the search engines to find what you are looking for. You type them in the search box and the search engine searches your site for them on websites in the title, and text.  Yep you guessed it! If you have the most popular keywords on your site more people will find your site when they search.   A great tool to find the most popular keywords is the Google Keyword Planner – log in (gmail details again) and type in a search YOU would use to find your site and check out the results, then use them. Another way is to look at the top sites on the search engine for the keywords they use. Go to the site, right click a blank section and select view source, then search for keywords, with windows you can press Ctrl+F and type in keyword and it will highlight them for you.

4.Keyword phrases  – some phrases are popular too to reduce search results. Use these too.


5.Links – that link pages within your site and links to other sites.  Internal links allow the site to be searched more easily. External links show you trust other sites, if you are lucky the other sites may even link back giving you a whole new audience and traffic.

6.Update your site frequently – Each time you update your site, the search engines will recheck your site.  The more content you have to check the more keywords or phrases it may find and move you up the ranking.  If you have a blog you can also add tags to the pages which also get checked.  You can normally add these with hashtags or SEO settings on your site.

7. Have good permalinks – this means having named pages rather than just numbers or codes eg. www.mysite/home rather than www.mysite/?p1$#12


8 Don’t be a robot – There is a phrase “people buy from people”. This is the same for visitors as well as sales.  You need to be you.  If you saw a site that just tried to sell you things on every page you would get bored. Or if you saw a site that just kept repeating information that appears on lots of other sites you would give up quickly.  What you need to do is offer value and interest to the reader. (I hope you’re still reading this)  People are interesting, robots are not. Be different and give people information others don’t.



So get out there and get noticed, and keep getting noticed.

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Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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