Top 10 tips for success.


I’ve seen lots of tips on line on how to be successful in everything you do.  Here are my top 10.  This picture is the first one.

1. You’ve got to make the first move and keep moving – You’ll never acheive your goals by sitting around and waiting for something to happen.  If it was just going to happen it would have happened by now and you wouldn’t be there wondering why some people have all the luck and you don’t.  Ever said ” nothing exciting ever happens to me”?  You’ve got to make the first move towards your dreams.  You won’t win the lottery if you never buy a ticket either.  You can’t just pick something that you will get bored of either.  You know what you want in your dream life.  Go for it.  You could put reminders up around the house or at work as motivation for you to continue.  These could be pictures of money or dream car/house/holiday or even ideal partner.  Just don’t stop chasing your dreams.



2. Follow your passion first – a lot of people decide that they want more and the first thing they “need” is money so look for ways to make it.  They find the best paid jobs or the biggest things to sell or find a profitable niche market and try making a blog about it.   Pretty soon they usually fail, if they make money they may last a little longer.  I tried it and I have read about many others who found the same and lost a lot more money than I did!  It started well, I got visitors to my site and made a little money from ads and emails but the cost of the ads, hosting and email autoresponders was using it all.  Then I ran out of things to say or post and it died.  I found that if you find something that interests you and write/post about that then you will keep on going and eventually you may become an expert and then you will start making money.  My passion is to help people free themselves from the lives they hate and be successful and happy. It has given me enough things to write about on all of my sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and blogging)  Go for your passion first.


3. Never Give Up – If you have followed tip No.2 this will be easier to do.  The picture above is true about a lot of people chasing a goal.  At first they run towards it giving all that they have. Then they get tired and wonder why they even started in the first place.  Then they “hit the wall”.  Like marathon runners there is a point where you feel you can’t go on.  I like the Simon Pegg film “Run Fatboy Run” his wall becomes so real in his mind he sees it as a real wall impossible to break through even when he tries.  Then he remembers why he is running in the first place, digs deep and breaks through it.  SUCCESSS!!!  You need to accept that there will be setbacks and you will have failures. You will need to remember why you started this journey, break through and win!

“Failure doesn’t mean your a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.” Robert H Schuller


4.  Plan for your future –  This quote is from Antoine de Saint Exupery.  It is great to have dreams but without knowing how you are going to get there you are stuck with just that, dreams.  To make your dreams some true you need to work out what needs to be done for you to acheive them.  You can start by using your motivational pictures from tip 1.  Work out what you need to happen first before this can happen.  If it is a dream holiday you are going to need to know exactly where you are going, how much it will cost , what you need to take with you, who to go with, and of course book it, and have time to take it.  If you know some of the answers to these, GREAT! If you don’t then getting them will get you closer to your goal.  This research will make you believe that your dream could happen for real.  Now you can plan what you need to do first.



5. Start small – You need to plan time in to each week/day/month (and make sure you take it) to achieve something towards your goal.  If  you are planning to buy something big like a new car.  Your plan says you need to save up, work out how much you need to have saved each week/day/month to achieve it.  Make sure you do it.  People with gym memberships know how this looks, the advert will say something like ” for less than the price of a coffee each day you can have your dream body in time for the summer”  So you have just made your new year’s resolution to get fit and you think great, I’ll do it. Then you find out that this means £2 per day, not bad, then they tell you that this is only the price if you pay for a whole year in one go that’s £730! (HOW MUCH!!!) What kind of holiday could you have for that?  How many years would you need to save for a car? Make those small steps and you will get there.



6.Write it down – This goes with the two above.  Write down all the things you need to do to make your dreams a reality. Then put them in lists and break them down into small steps.  It is a proven fact that if you write things down they will be remembered easier – so do it.  You can also take see the items clearer and be able to break them down in to smaller sections. If there are any you can achieve now do it and cross them off the list.  Not only will you feel a sense of acheivement for doing it you will be able to see this item crossed off on the list and you can see that you are on your way.  Now what’s next?



7 Priorities – You are going to have to make changes to your life for your life to change.  Funny that.  Many people don’t go for their dreams because they “just don’t have the time”  If this is true and you really want to be successful you will either need to make time or reassign it.  Well you can’t “make time” and have 30 hours per day or more so you will have to reassign it.  Some get up earlier or stay awake longer, others need their sleep and so change their habits.  Maybe watching an hour of freinds repeats on TV or two hours playing video games could be shortened or replaced.  You can also change things by working smarter.  If you plan your time for the week over the weekend you can try to stick to this plan.  If something else turns up during the week, make a choice. Stick to your plan or get distracted and be where you were before, unhappy with your life.  You have to decide which things need to be done first, then which bits are important (travel insurance for the holiday) and which are urgent  ( you need to book the flight while there are seats left), and finally which bits could change if they need to (things like “a whole new wardrobe for the holiday” could you but things there or take things you already have?).



8. Learn – If you knew how to succeed in your dreams you would be living them now.  You wouldn’t be reading this you would be telling people how you did it. The great news is that you know this one and that is why you are here.  You need to learn how others have become successful in their lives, to need to learn from the experts before you become the expert.  It is said that you can learn any new skill to a proficient level in 20 hours.  (there is a awesome TED talk about it  Check it out here)  What do you need to learn?  Go to it.


9.  Be different –  This is important.  Let me ask you this, how do you know about the richest people? The answer is that they have sone something noteworthy and out of the ordinary that they have caught the media’s eye.  Inventors are the best example, they look at an everyday problem and they fix it.  Others look at the inventions of others and they make them better.  We wouldn’t have sockets in out houses for electricity it Thomas Edison hadn’t dreamed it could happen first (and tried to do something about it).  There would never be an upgrade to any gadgets that we use, no MP3, no radio, no TV, no computers…I could go on.  The point is that these people didn’t folow the crowd, they were willing to look the other way and explore new possibilities (better lives).  They were willing to take chances and make a difference.  Are you ready to show the world what you can do?



and last but not least.

10. Friends and Family – It is a  lot easier to acheive your goals if you have time for others.  You support them and they will support you.  You can rely on your partners, your children, your parents, your colleagues and your close friends.  If there are people in your life who say your dreams are impossible and think you are set to fail, hang out with those who love you enough to support you and prove them wrong.  There wouldn’t be slimming groups or addiction meetings if this wasn’t a proven fact.

Get out there and be successful.

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Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. In the evenings I am a self employed karaoke DJ. I love to teach and coach others to improve their lives and be their best.

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